The Pyrenées, the mountain range between Spain and France, are one of the last unspoilt areas in Europe. We offer a  programme with hikes to the top of several mountains (Aneto, the highest in the Pyrenées- 3404 m/  Molieres- 3010 m/  Mauberme- 2884 m/ Montarto- 2830 m / Tuc deth Port de Vielha- 2604 m) and cultural hikes to the Romanesque churches.




·  LANDSCAPE: there are hundreds of mountain lakes, luxuriant forests and many peaks above 3000 metres (10000 feet) which are easy to climb.


·  CLIMATE: the summer on the Spanish side of the range is dry und sunny, warm in the valleys (never hot) and cool on the tops.


·  FLORA: There are some 100 endemic plants.


· ROMANESQUE ART: every village has its own church, many from the 13th century and some of them with frescoes.


If you are interested, contact us:

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